About us

diana-copyDiana Selck is a German criminologist (M.A. International Criminology). Her focus in criminological research is in crime and aggressive behaviour online. She is mostly interested in interpersonal relationships that develop through communication and interaction on online platforms and establish opportunities to meet strangers whom take on identities (identity theft), which do not correspondent to their real selves (identity fraud). The focus of her one of her previous research projects was to analyse victimisation processes through online romance scam and webcam blackmail. Both of these online crimes correlate with research in scam and fraud, online grooming, dating scam, RAT, revenge porn, yahoo boys/ sakawa boys and sextortion. In 2015, she began managing a Facebook page called Cybercriminology – research, education & consultancy, which aims to inform and educate individuals about new forms of online crimes such as webcam blackmail (often called sextortion), online romance scam and other aggressive behaviour online.